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We are committed to helping individuals, couples and teams reach success and wellbeing. 

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Whether you’re a Business Person, Professional, High Potential Employee, child/adolescent, adult, older adult, couple, we are here to support you through stress & burnout, adjustment, sadness, loss, relationship troubles, self-exploration & development, uncertainties about anything, overwhelming worries, emotional intelligence & emotional pain, as well as managing workplace conflict and team development.

Drawing upon evidence-based strategies and tools, as well as understanding, it is often easier to get through things together rather than alone.

Seeing a Psychologist/Coach doesn’t need to mean there is something “crazy” or “wrong” with you. RATHER you can add value yourself through an expert-level “friend” to your life and engaging with activities to support well-being. Depending you’re your concerns, regular sessions are available, as well as occasional/ once-a-month 50 minute session with a highly trained & experienced clinician/coach.


Psychology Counselling

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Workplace Stress and Conflict
  • Dealing with Grief & Loss
  • Couples counselling

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Corporate Coaching

  • Class room training
  • Practical, real time learning
  • Goal focused
  • Real world application

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Assessing Individuals for Recruitment

  • Timely response
  • Background research
  • Variety of tests
  • Detailed report

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Corporate Cultural assessment and change

  • Organizational planning
  • Growth-driven insights
  • Real world strategies
  • Consultancy assistance

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More about
Insight Eden

Insight Eden is being run by Lisa Dyer M Psych, a registered psychologist.

Lisa is committed to helping individuals, couples and teams reach success and wellbeing. A resilient expert, her unique training path enables her to draw from the most effective practices of leaders in the fields of organizational, coaching, positive and clinical psychology.